Board of Directors

Gloria Kirshner, President and Executive Director
Gloria Kirshner founded the National Student/Parent Mock Election in 1980 with her late husband Edward Stanley, who had built a long and distinguished career with NBC promoting television as an educational tool. Kirshner worked as an educational consultant, scriptwriter and program supervisor for many of NBC's programs, including "Exploring" and "Animal Secrets".

Kirshner also worked for a decade as a classroom teacher at all levels, including elementary schools in New York City's Bronx and East Harlem and a seminar at Teachers' College, Columbia University. She has authored more than 3,000 teacher's guides to programs on not only NBC but also ABC, CBS and PBS, including "Profiles in Courage", "Great Performances", and "The Ascent of Man". She has also been involved in projects to study how film can help improve children's self-images, and how to improve urban education.

Awards she has received throughout her career include Distinguished Achievement Awards from the Educational Press Association of America, the Award of Merit from the National Society of Medical Research, and the Brotherhood Award from the National Conference of Christians and Jews.

Christopher Norgaard
Christopher Norgaard is board president for the top-ranked San Marino Unified School District, and a business litigation lawyer in downtown Los Angeles with four decades of legal experience. A graduate of Stanford University and the Georgetown University Law Center, Norgaard has served as lead litigation counsel in a number of important banking and commercial cases, including cases that have made law in California as well as in the federal Ninth Circuit. The school district whose board Norgaard leads is recognized as one of California's leaders in civics education. In addition to his many other roles, Norgaard is about to release his first book, "Unfair Competition -- Murder by Gunshot".

Michael E.G. Kirby, Vice Chairman
Michael Kirby guided worldwide strategic advertising and promotion for Xerox Corporation and spearheaded a campaign to rebrand Xerox from a copier company to "The Document Company". Kirby also participated in Xerox initiatives to standardize its strategy development, structure budget planning, and launch the Marathon generation of copiers.

Prior to his 15-year career with Xerox, Kirby worked for Young and Rubicam where he oversaw the launch of Excedrin PM; guided the growth of Tang through a marketing campaign built around NASA. He is a former board member for the Association of National Advertisers and the International Advertising Association.

Ramon Barquin, Secretary
Ramon Barquin has been a leader in the information technology industry for five decades, and has been involved with the National Student/Parent Mock Election for more than three decades.

He is currently president of Barquin International consultancy, advising corporations on data warehousing, business intelligence and customer relationship management. Barquin is also co-founder of The Data Warehousing Institute, former president of the Washington Consulting Group,  and a member of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Data Privacy and Integrity Advisory Committee.

Barquin is also author of more than 100 technical and management publications, including the "Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics".

Stanley Abrams

Ramon Carlos Barquin III

Hon. Michael Castle

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hon. Dennis DeConcini

Hon. Bill Diamond

Steven A. Dowling

Hon. Frank J. Fahrenkopf Jr.

John Gisi

Joseph M. Grant

Hon. Orval Hansen

Hon. Paul G. Kirk Jr.

Erwin Krasnow

Isabelle Leeds

Dr. Richard Lesher

Lowery Mays

Hon. William G. Milliken

Hon. Jim Nicholson

Dr. John Pedicone

Adam Ray

Hon. Charles S. Robb

Hon. Roy Romer

Sy Rotter

Dr. Isidore Starr

Michael Zuckeran

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