Great essays, plays, artwork, re-enactments, artwork, debate, celebrations ... these are all some of the award-winning ways schools nationwide have recognized the National Student/Parent Mock Election since its founding in 1980!

A core group of partners helps the NSPME honor these creative and enterprising schools.

To help inspire and motivate you and your students, take a "look back" at some previous award winners:

Award Winner 2016

The Iowa Secretary of State’s Office conducted three mock elections centered around the 2016 election.Elections 101, Caucus 101 and the Iowa Youth Straw Poll comprise the three elements of our youth voter education program. Elections 101 and Caucus 101 are completely free, online, customizable curriculum options that adhere to the Iowa Core for Social Studies. Our curriculum are used in hundreds of schools across Iowa. Both the Caucus 101 and Elections 101 curriculum are designed to cover a variety of topics regarding American politics and the special role Iowa plays in the Read More...

2014 National Student/Parent Mock Election Award Winners.

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